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YongLi company was founded in 1989, went public in 2011, and is a professional manufacturer of state-of-the-art conveyor belts by introducing high-grade coating technologies . YongLi has more than 16 production lines, 2 fabrication workshops and 3 big production bases separately located in Shanghai Qingpu district, Shanghai Chongming Industrial Park and the Netherlands.

Yongli annual production capacity reaches聽3.4 million sq.m and total turnover is聽65 million US dollars until 2014.

YongLi now has over聽600 talented employees from textiles engineering, polymer chemistry, materials chemistry, applied chemistry, mechanical design and manufacture, as well as research management and electrical and automation control etc.. YongLi has established two School-Enterprise cooperation centers separately with Tongji University in 2008 and Donghua University in 2009. Yong R&D center was awarded as the High-Tech R&D Center by Qingpu district government.

Since the foundation, YongLi gained a lot of honors and certificates: Shanghai Civilization Unit, Shanghai High-tech Enterprise, Shanghai Model Home, Little Giant (training) of Shanghai Science and Technology Enterprise, Shanghai Famous Brand.

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