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Baggage and Materials handling Belts

High efficiency

High reliability

High safety

have always been the pursuit and concern in Airport and Logistic industry.

As more and more intenational airports and logistic dispatching centre were set up all over the world, the requirements to the baggage and materials handling system are increasing. Only a reliable and intelligent conveying system gives you a better solution.


Airport – Silent Support

A successful business trip, a happy tourism and a homesick ticket, what we do is to provide you a reliable and comfortable journey from check-in to baggage handling without your notice.

Check-in system

Baggage screening system

Baggage handling system

Aircraft unloding/loading system


Dispatching center – High Efficient Assistant

An urgent documents should arrive your customer's desk by tomorrow morning?

A sweet gift should arrive your lover's front door on the memorial day?

A beautiful glass vase should arrive your mother's home on her birthday?


In YongLi, we dedicate ourselves to the research and development on the demands from our customers. The changes in the Material handling industry lead to a continuous increase of requirements, such as:

High reliability

System speed

Short downtime

High automated system

Low noise Leq 65dB(A)

Optimun system availability


YongLi provides complete set of the conveyor belts to your dispatching system.

Horizontal conveying

Inclined conveying

Telescopic conveying

Check-in conveying

Vertical conveying

Power turn conveying

Gapping conveying

Induction/Merger conveying

Push sorter

Cross sorter


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