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Tobacco conveyor and processing Belts

A wide range of  conveyor and processing belts are required in the tobacco industry.

These belts are the key elements which ensure the efficient and trouble-free flow of the material in different processing stage.

More than 20 years service in tobacco industry, YongLi Belting provides the full range of products and solutions which must meet the increasing requirements from our customers.

With excellent chemical and mechanical properties and extensive range of accessories, YongLi Belting tobacco industry products meet the requirements for production reliability and productivity.

Our tobacco conveyor and processing belts of

PVC(Polyvinyl chloride), PU(Polyurethane)

PE(Polyolefine), TPEE(Polyester) and TPO(Thermoplastic polyolefine):


Quick and easy installation


Good track

Long service life time


Pyrolysis conformable. (Only CO2 and H2O after burning out)

High temperature environment conformable.(70掳C+ near the steamed tobacco leaf dropping pipe)

Pure coating and clendering material layer(no bonding or adhesive layer)


Different tobacco manufacturing process

Generally, we divide the tobacco conveyor and processing industry into three big stages, which have different requirements to their unique application. YongLi would like to provide our suggestion and solutions to our customers with high quality products and experienced methods.


Green leaf processing

Picking and sorting of leaf bundles

Conditioning processing

Threshing(Stems out)

Re-dryer processing

Baling processing

Aging processing


Primary processing

Bale opening

Conditioning processing

Casing processing

Blending processing

Cutting processing

Dryer processing



Secondary manufacturing

Cigarette wrapping



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