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Treadmill belts

YongLi started the research on treadmill belt on 2004锛孉ccording the former accumulated experience and experiments, YongLi nowadays can provide different kinds of treadmill belts, from Home-used belts to Commercial Gymnasium belts. Our treadmill belts are applied REACH, RoHS, PAHs and completely accord with the requirements from Europe and USA. By continuous improvements and non-stop research, YongLitreadmill belts are accepted by more and more customers and become a reliable products.

Standard treadmill belts:
Thickness less than 1.8mm (Home used belts)
Code锛歋15/7, S14/31, S16/1,

Thickness  2.0~3.0mm(Home uesd and Commercial)
Code锛歋23, S25  
Thickness 3.0~5.0mm(Commercial)
Code锛歋32, S46


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